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A long time ago when I started producing music back in the 90ies I never thought I would want to produce music on a public scale. Now roughly 20 years later I again started to produce music again and asked myself the exact same question. Yes it was time to go public but you need a record label to aid in that process. After many talks with many record labels I got to the conclusion that most of them only find you an interesting party if on forehand they know you will make them a profit. This is not a bad thing, I mean we all want to make money right!

I am a very small producer and for me it’s also a hobby, I am not churning out record after record every month, maybe two or three productions every six months. Because my genre is far from mainstream house music and therefore outside of what is popular this can be an issue if I want to sell my music, this and the low amount of productions make it quit hard to become a well known artist. This is the main reason I started my own record label, to be able to sell whatever I produce in whatever the timefram is and still make a bit of profit. My genre is called Levvism!

What is Levvism you ask. Well the answer isn’t very easy to formulate but it all comes down to: Whatever a producer likes to create and stands by it for 100%, that’s what Levvism is all about. It doesn’t matter if it’s techno mixed with classical, if you lilke it and are willing to produce it, there are bound to people who want to buy it.

Levvism Records is all about the producer and his or her creativity, I will market and sell everything you like to produce!


I for as long as I can remember have always been a keen lover of music. This started at when I was still quit young. My dad had his own coverband in mainly music form the 60ies and my mother was and still is a keen listener of classical music. They also ran a company that had everything to do with lighting and sound equipment.

At the age of 14 I got my first record players and a mixer from my dad and the DJ in me was born, I think? From that age on I performed on birthday parties, school events and later in the student club I worked in during my college years. During that same period I performed on and of at many different venues in The Netherlands and outside.

This all came to a grinding halt beginning of this millenium (approx 2005), I stopped performing and searched for a “real” job……….I think I was drunk at that time.

After a long period of silence I reactivated my lost passion back in 2013 after me and my big mouth promised to do a party for my employer at that time and I found out I still had the technique to perform and entertain. It’s like riding a bike, once you can you never forget.

In 2014 I started to rebuild my long lost studio and together with my dad we started producing music. From time to time I still perform live either mixing music or doing live sessions or a combination of the two. I switched from heavy vinyl to a laptop and a controller (whish they had that in the 90ies). It’s still a hobby but I managed to squeeze myself into the underground party scene and I love it.


As a produce I create my very own kind of style: Levvism. I have Always wanted to be different in most things I do or have done and since there is no real genre for what I create I figured to create my own genre.

The style of music I produce is a mixture of modern day house (mostly techno) and a variety of different kinds of folk music (all over the world). The main goal is to create an electronic shell around an existing piece of music. This means that the production doesn’t consist of a part of an existing song or a phrase from a popular song but the complete song in it’s full glory.

This has been done by different producers in the world but as far as I can tell never with folk music, so there lies my challenge. Unfortunately these kinds of projects take alot more time than making a “normal” song (say techno or tech-house etc), I also explained this in my Bio that I do not churn out song after song just for the sake of producing. When I start a production it needs to be the way I like it. Combining this with the fact that it’s a hobby means that if I am lucky I may produce one or two songs a yea, but this is to be expected and I don’t mind.

In the future I may be looking for more work and the ultimate dream would be to become a full time producer..




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Want to hear my mixes? Check Mixcrate, Mixcloud and Soundcloud. On Soundcloud I will post my own productions or the productions of friends or people I work for with the record label. A YouTube channel will be added shortly.

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